iDeskMD, a next generation software and technology Company, transforms senior living communities through scalable AI defined technology, business logic, and IoT infrastructure.

The USA spent approximately $ 4 Trillion last year on healthcare, more than the entire GDP of Germany in the same period. Our frail elderly population is growing rapidly as people live longer, the cost of medical care in our current system is unsustainable. This is becoming one of the largest global financial and social issues, referred to as the “Gray Tsunami” rapidly hitting all developed nations, already having struck Japan and parts of Western Europe. Japan is on an unprecedented course projecting 40% of its total population will be seniors by mid-century.

Currently, health care for seniors, is largely handled reactively inside Emergency Rooms of hospitals at a very high cost, one that is not sustainable. Retirement communities, particularly Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care Facilities do not have medical doctors and may not be required to have nurses; little to no healthcare is inside their walls as they are limited by license when it comes to services they are able to provision on their own.


iDeskMD is focused on ways to improve quality of life for seniors at a lower cost to society. This is what gave birth to iDeskMD’s AilaOS, short for "Artificial Intelligence Living Assistant,” a powerful cloud-based Platform that empowers users to care for rapidly expanding elderly populations in a highly intuitive and collaborative manner, promoting telehealth and secure sharing of heath information throughout the entire care team while alerting in real-time when key indicators are out of range.

iDeskMD leverages the latest IoT wireless health sensors, such as wireless band aids, enabling the ingestion of critical vital signs directly into AilaOS, sharing the actionable data points with the entire care team in real time, as opposed to finding out after an Emergency Room visit. iDeskMD brings predictive insights to the elder’s home environment thus getting ahead of the healthcare curve, which historically has been a reactive process costing patients, their families, payers and society significant money and anguish, beyond levels that are sustainable.

iDeskMD brings third party services directly to the elder population through our AilaOS technology. Our business model in many ways represents the Uberization of Senior Living at a time when the internet and Wi-Fi have become ubiquitous.

CEO Andrew Chesler iDeskMD

When senior villages were first constructed decades ago, the average age of residents was twenty years younger than today. Today, Assisted Living Facilities in the USA and Canada have an average resident age of 87 years old. Requirement of the frail/elderly are very different than younger retirees. We are witnessing a huge paradigm shift, away from wants alone but rather focused on needs of the frail elderly as they age.

iDeskMD is able to leverage AI defined infrastructure at scale, enabling the Platform to roll out nationally and internationally. The Company has partnered with a Managed Service Organization (physician network) and one of the top senior living facility operator/owners to rapidly deploy and scale its tech and business model. .

iDeskMD is an American Technology company with a focus on the rapidly expanding eldercare market, specializing in scalable A.I. defined cloud-based services and products including Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), and Occupancy Fulfillment Services (OFS).