iDeskMD is a technology company first and foremost that wants to make a difference through its cloud based products and services. Our main industry target is senior living and our mission there is to make senior living communities more efficient through our offering while improving the quality of life for the elderly while reducing healthcare costs profoundly.

Making this mission become a reality is very important to us and something that we are extremely passionate about. When we began this long journey over 5 years ago we started by meeting with all the effected parties including Senior Living community owners, managers, caregivers, physicians, families and payers to truly understand the pain points and issues effecting their operations and the impact it has on seniors.

Disruptive Technology

After a lot of research and ground level hands on research we laser focused on putting together a business model and technology solutions that are true to our mission and core values. The results are paradigm shifting disruptive technologies that converge Digital Health with FinTech.

Did I just say “Disruptive” and “Digital Health” in the same sentence? Yes I did and while many of those in the Health sector buckle at their knees and are fearful of change within their business world, change is the only constant in life and must take place lest we as a society face the consequences of any system that is grossly unsustainable. People will force this change regardless of old school standards and mindsets permit it or not. Those who embrace these changes will be the leaders of this industry for years to come into the future. iDeskMD will be one of those leaders.

Why attempt to do this?

Depending on your age range you might not be thinking about what your future holds as you get older. But as studies have shown people are living much longer than ever and will continue to do so as there is now, as of 2018, more seniors living today then there are young children five years of age and under. As we age, our wants become secondary to our needs.

Today, what if I asked you to live in a room without no internet and no connection or information on your health records? What if I told you that if you even sneezed or coughed you’d be sent to the Emergency Room and charged thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars for testing, nightly stays, and physician visits? What if I told you the hospital won't discharge you back to your home until you go from the hospital setting to a skilled nursing facility? How would you feel about that?

You’d look at me like I was crazy! You might say why would I even ask such a thing of you? Who doesn’t have internet? Why my medical information can’t be shared so that I do not need to be tested over and over again. Why must I be rushed to the hospital when I know it’s not needed? Why do I need to go to a SNF when I want to be back at home?

So I ask you this question. Why would we ask this of the ones we love most? Why would we ask this of our elderly? The answer is we should not and that we can do better and we will do better.

Next Generation Innovation

The small snippet of information I just provided you is just some of the issues facing our seniors today. iDeskMD is positioned to disrupt the senior living sector in ways never thought possible immediately. Through our business model combined with our world class platform AilaOS we have architected a highly powerful scalable solution that’s easier to use than an iPhone.

HealthCare IoT

iDeskMD provides senior living facilities with IoT health and wellness sensors, supported by our IaaS and PaaS services. These are wireless devices, some are as small as a bandaid and others as large as a weight scale, flat mattress sensor or floor tile.

This creating a real-time system within our partnered communities that provides the most effective monitoring system to date. This smart infrastructure results in unified business intelligence from IoT Information and machine learning in real time.


Global scalable level of revenue generation through our powerful routing and payout engine enhances overall community business model and provides a powerful forward-thinking streamlined financial standard for senior living communities.

Digital Health

We create Smart Villages within our model that improve quality of life for our seniors while connecting third parties providing functionality spanning a broad range of senior living and clinical needs that are currently under-served or not served at all.

About iDeskMD

iDeskMD an American Technology company located in Irvine, California with a focus on the eldercare market. We specialize in scalable AI Defined Cloud based products and services in the areas of Software as a Service, Platform as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, Revenue Cycle Management, and Occupancy fulfillment.